Thursday, March 6, 2014

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sampling Party. #MJdaisychain

I was selected by CrowdTap to host a special Marc Jacobs fragrance party!  I am a member of the CrowdTap Marc Jacobs Devotee group and enjoy sharing my thoughts and opinions about my favorite fragrance and cosmetic brand!  It so fun to engage with an innovative and creative brand this way.

I held the sampling party at my office with lots of coworkers. We enjoyed a nice break from the workday in our conference room. I decorated using the items provided in my party kit which was very generous.  We had festive daisy themed decor, balloons, craft and snacks!  I even sprinkled the table with tiny daisy flowers....

Marc Jacobs Daisy and Eau So Fresh scents are so perfect all year round, but with spring coming these Daisy scents are especially relevant!    Spring is almost here- so happy to bid this winter adieu!  My friends all loved the ligt and feminine scents and were eager to try them on and take home the generous samples provided.  It was intriguing to hear their excitement and notice that the scents layered lovely on everyone.

I wore a new daisy crochet top I shopped for last week. I felt really flirty and feminine with my cute spring outfit and elegant Daisy scent.  I've already placed an order with Sephora to have a layering lotion for the perfumes which feature hints of violet and notes of strawberry, ruby red grapefruit, and creamy vanilla for an enchanting fresh scent of warmth and comfort.

My friends and I will be greeting spring wearing cute #MJdaisychain handmade bracelets thanks to the great bead craft project also provided and smelling amazing with Marc Jacobs Daisy scents!

I received a party kit from Crowdtap and Marc Jacobs Daisy to assist with my review and party hosting. The opinions are my own.