Tuesday, September 28, 2010

KNOW Magazine and Mad Science Brings Science to Life!

Our family LOVES Science...wow, it feels good to say that...I guess that makes us geeks in the very best way, huh? My son has celebrated birthdays by having the class come over for a fun, Mad Science Lab party. Mad Science has local instructors and party staff share their own love of science for a fantastic party experience!

Statistics show that the number of young adults pursuing careers in science in the U.S. pales in comparison to other countries. But taking steps to bring science alive for kids at a young age can make a huge difference. Mad Science, the world's leading science enrichment provider, launched KNOW Magazine, a publication specifically designed to engage and excite children at an age when science proves as important as math, reading and writing. Our family really loved the sample edition of KNOW Magazine filled with great learning and fun! The magazine gives kids great scientific insights at an age-appropriate level.It's colorful and engaging to appeal to them without being too technical. It's a great resource that they will love to receive in the mail!

Geared to children 6 to 9, KNOW Magazine provides kids with age-appropriate articles, fun science and technology facts, games, puzzles, and experiments. With six issues per year all free of outside advertising, the magazine covers everything from dinosaurs and animals, to the solar system and the human body to keep kids engaged year-round. The magazine's educational focus combines learning and entertainment in a way Moms can feel good about.
Here are links to a sample magazine as well as the main website:

http://www.knowmag.ca/shapes/ (Free Online Issue)
http://www.yesmag.ca/store/about2.html (Main Website)

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Seventh Generation Fall Back to School

With nearly 22 million school days lost each year due to the common cold and flu (CDC) and as many as 2.7 million bacterial found per square inch on common school surfaces (NSF International), it’s no wonder that 82 percent of parents with kids in grades K-5 fret about the germs in their children’s classrooms (according to a survey conducted by Seventh Generation).

This school year, Seventh Generation is sharing tips from best-selling author and pediatrician, Dr. Alan Greene, to help parents protect their child’s health during back-to-school season. Dr. Greene suggests taking the following precautions:

Optimize the immune system
Reap the benefits of probiotics like those found in yogurt. A recent study showed that children who received enough probiotics daily throughout the cold and flu season had a significant reduction in the number of illnesses they had and, when they did get sick, the symptoms were both milder and didn't last as long.

Be sure your child is getting plenty of vitamin D from the sun, from food, or from a supplement.

Build a strong foundation. Good food, good sleep, and good physical activity all help the immune system to flourish.
Be wise about reducing unnecessary exposure to harmful germs
Teach children the key times to clean their hands in the classroom. The most important times include after sneezing, coughing or using the restroom, upon leaving "high-risk" places (recess, naptime, play stations) and before meals or snacks.

Sixty percent of teachers surveyed said that they request that parents donate disinfecting wipes to the classroom. Seventh Generation’s disinfecting wipes kill 99.99% of germs* naturally using the active ingredient thyme, a component of thyme oil which is derived from the herb thyme.

Stress the importance of not touching their eyes, nose or mouth. Germs are often spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth.

Demonstrate to your children how to cover their mouth and nose for every cough and sneeze. This simple maneuver has spectacular results in decreasing the spread of viruses and bacteria floating about the room, waiting to be inhaled.
*Refer to disinfecting product labels for full details

You can also check out Seventh Generation on Facebook and Twitter today! Visit Seventh Generation on Facebook or Seventh Generation on Twitter and “Like” or “Follow” the brand to keep up with the latest news from Seventh Generation.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SOYJOY Second Chances....

We all deserve a second chance, right? I know I have gotten a few in my day - so why not healthy snack option SOYJOY?

I have been searching for my morning snack bliss for some time...I've tried salty, sweet, and blah. SOYJOY Nutritional bars were somewhere in the midst of the trials. Whole soy rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants, and B vitamins in a convenient and handy snack bar helped me get through the A.M. rush. I felt pretty good about myself for selecting them with my natural juice for a mid-morning break during the work week, but they weren't a passion. Now for that mightly Second Chance...

SoyJoy has amped the flavor! I was thrilled to receive a few samples courtesy of SoyJoy from Mom Central recently to taste the new and improved SOYJOY which is now delicately baked to be fruitier, moister and better than ever! I was curious, and now I'm a believer! SOYJOY's newest flavors of banana and blueberry have a taste and aroma similiar to freshly baked muffins...yum! All the SOYJOY flavors - Banana, Blueberry, Strawberry, Berry, Apple Walnut, and Mango Coconut are hitting the stores nationally in their lighter and fruitier forms as we speak - I can't wait to try them all! Now I am passionate...I can't wait each morning around 10 a.m. to savor another bar. They are light, but still filling and substantial. One certainly does the trick for me, and at around $1.29 per bar is the perfect balance of brains and beauty! Plus all those all good-for-me incentives!!!

In celebration of the new SOYJOY and in the spirit of second chances, SOYJOY is also hosting the Second Chances Contest. You may enter to win one of three $1,000 prizes by briefly telling your personal story about a time you did not make the best first impression but, with a second chance, turned it into a joyous ending! Submit your entry anytime between now and October 3, 2010.

Visit SOYJOY's Facebook page at


to upload your story in a 30-second video clip or in 100 words - don't forget to ask your friends to enter and vote! I have my entry all set to go -

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of SOYJOY and received samples of their nutritional bars to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central also sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weight Watchers Lose-A-Palooza is Today!

Lose-A-Palooza is a one-day social media event created to encourage participation in the Lose For Good campaign to benefit Share Our Strength and Action Against Hunger charities.

Weight Watchers will donate $1, up to a max of $60K, to Share Our Strength and Action Against Hunger TODAY ONLY (SEPTEMBER 14, 2010), for each approved mention, acknowledgement or action related to this "Lose For Good" campaign through blogs, Twitter, Facebook and check-in via Foursquare!!! What are ya waitin' for???? Help those in need today and take a moment to take action and share your voice to use social media for good! Please post, Tweet, and Share throughout the day today. Every time Lose For Good is mentioned using an approved method on 9/14, Weight Watchers will track the mention an donate a dollar - up to $60,000.

Visit Lose-A-Palooza: http://bit.ly/LoseAPalooza
Visit Lose For Good: http://bit.ly/lose4good

If you post on Twitter, please use hastag #LoseForGood:

Today Only! Lose-A-Palooza-Weight Watchers donates up to $1 for each #LoseForGood social media mention http://bit.ly/LoseAPalooza

I received information and an opportunity to win a prize from One2One Network and Weight Watchers to assist with this post. I did not receive any compensation.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Zhu-niverse Tour Hits Gecko Fest/Tampa Bay!

Wow-Kristen and I had a totally rockin' time at the Zhu-niverse Tour as it hit Tampa Bay! The Zhu-niverse Giant Road Trip started on May 27th in St. Louis, MO as they kicked off the Rib America Festival. The Zhu Crew will keep on rockin' all summer long until they wind it all up on October 10th in Phoenix, AZ. Your favorite Zhu Zhu Pets and Kung Zhu hamsters will be traveling over 20,000 miles in 20 weeks, so be on the lookout. They can’t wait to see you on the road!

First we were hosted by the Zhu-niverse Team at the ToysRUs at Tyrone in St. Petersburg. We checked out our perfect hamster match by playing "Which Zhu Are You?"...I am Capaccino! Kristen is Peachy! Then we checked out the Human Hamster Wheel and Kung Zhu Obstacle Course. There was so much to see and do...it's highly interactive and perfect family fun to get into the Hamster habit!

Next, we performed the Zhu Zhu Flo with the YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg Dance Team at the Annual Gecko Fest in downtown Gulfport. I'll post the dance video separately - the YMCA dance instructor Kelly Marshall did a fantastic job with the kids! The Zhu-niverse Tour Zhu Crew staff told us our group the most prepared and professional dance group performing on the Tour so far!!!

Check out the 2010 Zhu-niverse Tour site to see if they are heading to a festival or fair in your area - you don't want to miss it!:


Check out the upcoming release of a spooky Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster for Halloween - we can't wait to buy this when it's available! Soooo cute...

I received two gift cards, a Kung Zhu hamster, and Zhu Zhu Flo instructional dance dvd to assist with this review from BSM Media, ToysRUs, and Cepia/Zhu-niverse.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life Long Learning With American Public University

Fall brings cooler temps and (in northern climates)falling leaves - it also brings to mind the inevitable "back to school" impulse in us all...

My children have already returned to school and all things are going smoothly. I am pleased with their experience so far, and I find myself wishing for some life-long learning opportunities for myself. I completed my bachelor's degree through an adult learning program and earned my bachelor's degree in 2000 - wow, ten years have flown by! I found that my degree brought with it a broader spectrum of professional opportunities as well as an increased wage potential. Sweet since I just was in it for the education for itself!

Moms, recent high school grads, and others interested in exploring educational pursuits this fall should look into American Public University:


Request a brochure: http://www.apu.apus.edu/lp/RFI/index.htm

American Public University provides a respected and affordable education via online coursework which is flexible and regionally accredited. Non-traditional students such as myself will find a diverse course offering and desirable fields of specialized study including special event management, hospitality management, legal and sports & health sciences. Virtual tours are available to help you connect with admissions professionals and learn about the program, financial aid, and schedule. The greater APU virtual community numbers more than 70,000 classmates and 12,000 alumni, with more than 1,500 faculty and staff collaborating throughout the world! Could this be the right program for you?

I was intrigued by the fact that unlike traditional universities, APU offers classes on a monthly basis (rather than semester), with accelerated programs and flexible courses that enable students to earn their degree while balancing family and work demands. So important in today's busy family schedule and work demands!

I know our family places a very high value upon higher education - it's a pivotal aspect for today's modern family...adults and children. To take your first step in your life-long educational journey, visit American Public University today to find out more...

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of American Public University. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking time to participate.

Monday, September 6, 2010