Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sophomore: Stepping Into Maturity

I received a complimentary copy of the book, Sophomore: Stepping Into Maturity, and a promotional item to help facilitate my objective and unbiased review. 

Welcome to 10th Grade and Navigating the Sophomore Year.  Remember those exciting and tumultuous teen years….well mine are back as I ride the roller coaster of high school with my teen daughter!  All the intense fun and drama are back from my yesterdays… with the added adrenalin kick of Starbucks and Social Media. 

Whew, she’s an amazing kid and we’re very blessed that she has a strong foundation provided by her Christian faith.  Our church community provides for an engaging high school youth program where the students participate in weekly youth group meetings, social activities as well as an annual mission trip.  Kristen has also helped to organize a special weekly Bible Study Group with some girlfriends at the local tea shop.  We were very pleased to be selected to receive a copy of Sophomore: Stepping Into Maturity by Lars Rood from Family Christian to experience and share. This is part of a complete series for Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior high school students that is faith principled and action-oriented.

This wonderful 30-day devotional for sophomore students is very engaging and interactive.  The handbook offers a key concept, opportunities to consider and discuss, what the secular world often comments, action steps to apply in daily life, and Bible passages to help them dig deeper in the Word on these matters.  Rood guides the reader through thirty wonderful devotions that challenge the teens to examine themselves, their faith and important choices as they navigate the maturation process.  Rood states, “A maturing faith, in my opinion, is one that is moving toward Jesus.   It’s a faith that has legs and is going somewhere.”  This is a profound concept, in my opinion, and one that I am eager for our children to embrace.

It's true that the Sophomore year of high school is somewhat of a limbo time for kids, no longer the freshman "newbie", not yet an upper classman.  However, students can embrace this exciting time and "make it count" with life-shaping resources such as this youth ministry series.

Here is a link from Family Christian to learn more about the book: