Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I admit that I am a Dairy Queen (DQ) freak from way back....
Hubby and I grab the kiddoes most Sundays after dinner and make the 1.5 mile drive over to our local DQ for a scrumptious twist cone, Peanut Buster Parfait, Blizzard, or other tasty treat...
I'm drooling just thinkin' about it!

You may have heard the big news already: They are launching our first-ever permanent value menu - DQ® Sweet Deals.

Just in case you haven’t heard yet, here’s the deal: You can mix and match nine menu items, choosing two for $3, three for $4 or four for $5. You have the freedom of choice with more than 20,000 combinations.

Menu items include the famous Dairy Queen® cheeseburger, classic all-beef hot dog, new chicken wrap, yummy French fries, crispy onion rings, fresh salad, beverage and an irresistible sundae or cone made with the signature DQ soft serve with the curl on top.

Anyway, just thinking here, what would you make with DQ to get some treats for free?

Do you know that I would lick all the stray sprinkles, peanuts, and ice cream drips off the prep area? Then I would tidy up the hot dog/chili area followed by washing and pressing the staff uniforms?

That's all I'm sayin....

Celebrating....Ooh that Yummy Baby Smell

Did you know that JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TEARS® is celebrating its' 50th Anniversary?
I love all their products, and it never ceases to amaze me how they continue offering such wonderfully classic products while also offering innovative and relevant products for today's families! My kids still enjoy using the No More Tears Shampoo and Detangler....

My fondest Johnson's memory is when I was little and my dad was helping me with my bath and he would pile on all the suds atop my head to make a princess crown or other funny sculpture! I don't have a photo, but I'm sure you can use your imagination on how silly it all can be....

Mom Central and Johnson's recently provided me with samples of the new Johnson's Head-to-Toe Foaming Wash and Johnson's Baby Bubble Bath & Wash to enjoy at home and share our family's impressions. Everyone loved the Foaming Wash - it smells wonderful and leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. I highly recommend this for everyone. The Baby Bubble Bath and Wash was also a big hit, although I think families with little ones would love it even more. Both products are very gentle and cleansing without drying skin. Simply another big win for Johnson's! Can't wait to see what the next 50 YEARS will bring to help families!

Yanni Voices CD/DVD Release and Contest!

Uber-talented artist Yanni, in collaboration with legendary producer Ric Wake, has discovered and developed four of the most extraordinary young voices in music today. Two years in the making, Yanni returns to the global stage with a dazzling new tour. For the first time ever, Yanni re-interprets his classic compositions and debuts new music introducing show-stopping vocalists Nathan Pacheco, Chloe, Ender Thomas and Leslie Mills. The release date is scheduled for March 24th!

I'm excited to learn that the Yanni Voices Tour will be heading here to Tampa Bay on April 11, 2009 as they play the St Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida. Hoping to score some tickets in some fashion....

Here are the details:

Anyway, thanks to One2One Network I was able to enjoy a preview of the new Yanni Voices CD and DVD set to experience and review! I adore the CD - it's great for a trip in the car or just relaxing at home alone or with friends...the music is soaring and eloquent. The DVD captures the magic....

Now, here's your chance to experience it too. Please post a comment on my blog with your favorite Yanni song or memory by March 7, 2009; 12 Midnight. One random winner will be selected and notified. Winner must respond within 3 days with mailing address information. Winner will receive the Yanni Voices CD and DVD. Winner be a US resident.

Thank you for visiting my blog site and participating. Good luck!

Friday, February 13, 2009

NSTeens and NetSmartz

Technology is so fast-paced and critical in today's society - my kids have far outpaced my interest and ability, and they're tweens and teens! I worry about their youthful trust being broken in the Cyber word - especially Cyberbullying....

I have sat them down online to check out NSTeens and NetSmartz, a leading online resource of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, for Internet use:

This great site offers something for everyone concerned about children's online experiences. Videos, comics, and interactive experiences provide kids with critical information. There's even a Spanish site! Parents, teens, children and educators can learn together about this extremely relevant topic.

Be sure to talk openly with your children including the following provided on the site:

Stuff to Know

  • Stay in control of your online reputation!
  • Don’t post information, photos, or videos you might regret later.
  • Think about your online image (Who will see this? What will they think?).
  • Use privacy settings to limit access to your page; don’t let anyone – not predators or cyberbullies - gain access to information that’s yours.
  • Remember that online choices have offline consequences and in some cases, legal implications.
  • Consider how fast information and images get forwarded to people beyond your group of friends via texting, IM, and e-mail – especially sexually explicit ones
Vday-button Be sure to visit my great friends at Mom Central for some amazing drawings this month as you view their Valentine's Day Gift Guide & Giveaway!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Healthy Ideas

Well, we're one month into 2009 and Resolution Confession Time is upon us all...
How are you doin'? I'm faring pretty well, trying to be more organized at home and work while also keeping my cholesterol demons at bay! I go for a check up this month to see if my work at lower fat and more fresh fruits/veggies is paying off!

A new feature at Stop & Shop Supermarkets nationally provides some great resources on their "Healthy Ideas" promotion.

Because the first step to making healthier choices begins in the grocery store, Stop & Shop Supermarket is launching Healthy Ideas, a new on-shelf symbol that helps customers easily identify foods that fit into a healthy lifestyle.

To take the guesswork out of making healthy food choices, Stop & Shop has placed the Healthy Ideas symbol on more than 3,000 items and shelf tags throughout its stores. The symbol highlights foods that have less fat, saturated fat and sodium. It also helps to ensure that the foods we select include a healthful amount of at least one nutrient, such as fiber, whole grains, calcium and minerals.

The power of Healthy Ideas lies in the strength of its criteria which was developed by a team of registered dietitians and reviewed by an advisory panel of physicians and nutrition experts, including Dr. George Blackburn, associate director of the Division of Nutrition at Harvard Medical School. Research played a critical role in the development of the symbol, which uses the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the USDA Food Pyramid ( and the USDA/FDA's definition of healthy as a basis for its foundation.

The website offers some great areas to explore including recipes featuring "healthy swaps" tips to create healthier meal choices... Visit them at:

Let's be real: you and your family like what you like - traditional favorites. That's why Stop & Shop created Simple Swaps - recipes for meals we know and love with little changes that make a big difference.

Simple Swaps transform a meal from a not-so-great-for-you family favorite to one that earns the Healthy Ideas symbol.

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Stacy Debroff and friends offer great insight into family living with a fun and intuitive vibe!