Sunday, October 5, 2008

Woogi World Fun

Our daughter Kristen recently turned 10 and loves to play games and socialize with her friends...our son Cameron is 17 and feels the same way. The challenge is to find the perfect, age-appropriate means for them to enjoy these pursuits in today's tech-savvy world for kids. After exploring several on-line sites, Kristen and I have agreed on Woogi World. So much fun. She visits daily and is learning new features every time!

Woogi World, a new (and free) online destination for kids, provides a safe and engaging online world where kids can connect with other kids and learn academics, art, values, service, health, and proper Internet usage. By encouraging kids to learn on a platform they already use everyday, Woogi World combines the Internet with offline activities. When kids enter Woogi World (after getting their parent's approval) they make a Woogi and a Wigwam that they can personalize. After designing their individual Woogi, they earn watts (Woogi money) by playing games online, completing tasks offline, or doing something nice for one of their fellow Woogies.

Woogi World SchoolsOn September 1, 2008, Woogi World's partnership with Studies Weekly and Humane Society launched. Each kid enrolled in a participating classroom received a "secret code" to log onto Woogi World and participate in online activities. The secret code allows students to access information relevant to the academics they learn in the classroom. With 50,000 schools involved in the program, Woogi World expects to reach over 23 million kids nationwide. Teachers can also get involved through the Foundation for a Better Life home and school media program, through which either parents or teachers get DVD's and posters based on the child's accomplishments on Woogi World.

In addition to Woogi World's partnership with Studies Weekly and Humane Society, the music, math and WoogiReaders clubs launches in September and October, inviting kids to participate in academics with their peers around the world and will be included in the 50,000 school curriculums. In the Every Kid Votes initiative, every elementary school in the US has already been invited to sign-up with Woogi World, complete their Civics Adventure and then become registered to "vote" the week before the general election. Woogi World expects over 10 million kids to get involved!

So far, Kristen and I have scoped out a variety of the new areas. This is a great site since it's just so new and inviting for all the kids to play together. They recently launched a community service initiative to have kids and their families brainstorm engaging ways to help their community. What an awesome opportunity for everyone to get more involved - all within the fun, colorful, and on-the-moment world of the Internet and on-line world fun!

I highly recommend this site for families to explore. The initial membership is free and the membership can be upgraded to Honor Status for additional activities.

Visit Woogi World at:

See you in Woogi World~

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