Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Listerine Oral Care Challenge

Is your family ready for the onslaught of the "cavity bugs" with all the treat-filled festivities approaching? Halloween, Fall Festivals, and the like are quickly followed by Thanksgiving pies, chocolate turkeys, and lots of candy in stockings!

Our family has accepted the Listerine Oral Care Challenge to help us in the fight for great oral hygiene! I have always the embraced the "show 'em, don't just tell 'em" philosophy regarding good brushing and flossing. The Listerine Challenge also helps arm us with interactive tools and resources for the children on AND


Tips from Dr. Kanetta Lott, a leading pediatric dentist, includes such insights as well as rewarding healthy behavior! Awesome...we started a monthly calendar with stickers for daily floss, brush, rinse routine accomplishment and I'm very pleased with all our participation - all four of us are taking responsibility for a beautiful, healthy smile!

Our friends at Mom Central and Listerine provided our family with a wonderful assortment of oral care products including the new Listerine Total Care anticavity mouthwash, Listerine Agent Cool Blue tinting rinses, Reach kids brushes, and Reach Access Flosser and disposable heads! These products help motivate and inspire with great tastes and interactive technologies to keep everyone on track for at least twice daily inpsiration! I really LOVE the Listerine Total Care mouthwash...I can sometimes slack off with rinses, but the flavors are good without burn. I can sincerely feel a significant improvement in my plaque along the gumline, too!

The calendar challenge will result in positive dentist visits for everyone, and the added rewards for daily brushing, flossing rinsing goal achievement will inspire the kids...we'll enjoy a day together at Hunsader Farm's Fall Festival as a special treat!

I received assorted products to sample and review from MomCentral and Listerine brand. I have also received a gift certificate to for my review coutesy of Listerine and MomCentral.

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