Monday, December 21, 2009

I was selected to participate in a product review opportunity by SheSpeaks for the luxury Canadian skin care system, Mereadesso Woman. The system consists of the face and neck cleanser ($38.25) , a face and neck toner gel product ($102.00) and a microfiber washcloth ($4.25). The retail value is stated as $144.50 total, plus shipping. Products are now available for purchase in the United States via their online store at:

Prior to beginning this product test I was using a cleanser, a toner pad, serum, eye cream, day cream and night cream - wow, that quite a bit huh? I did a quick tally today and this comes to about $250+ for a 3 month supply. The Mereadesso system compares very favorably with my skin so far, so I would be realizing a savings using the system rather than the variety of products - not to mention the hassle and time! I really find that the cleanser is doing a great job - I had been experiencing a couple of minor break-outs around my mouth before I received my products, but these are clearing up after my first week using the system. I too find it a bit challenging to part with my old expectations of heavier creams and pare it down to just the cleanser and toner gel. I would like to purchase additional cleansing cloths - just one is challenging for twice daily use! I am finding that my skin tone and texture is improving with twice daily use!

My skin has been transformed! I cannot speak well enough of the Mereadesso System - Founder Linda Stephenson is to be congratuated!!! True Story: I have been using the system for about 5 weeks now. Everyone I encounter during this time continually comments on "how well I look" or "how radiant I appear"!!! It's amazing and I recognize that since changing my skin care routine, my skin is smooth, soft, bright, and clear! The system is easy, convenient, pleasant, and helps save time/money. I consider my skin to be an investment and I will be pleased to replenish my Mereadesso products as needed in the future - such an outstanding value!

I would suggest that you purchase additional cleansing cloths (I am ordering an extra 4-5 more) to have a fresh cloth available daily.

If Mèreadesso sounds like it might be interesting to you, you can use discount code shespeaks002 to receive 20% off of your order at, plus free shipping. If anyone decides to try, or has already tried Mèreadesso, let me know--I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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