Friday, April 30, 2010

"My Mommy Rocks!"

Our daughter Kristen has been thinking about celebrating Mother's Day this year, and she proceeded to write a poem dedicated to me to share with you:

My mom Kim is a “Circus in Heels.” She is our juggler, ringmaster, clown, and lion tamer! She could really use a hand cleaning up! Watch as she climbs the high wire to get us dinner, help with homework, drives us places, works at the YMCA, helps others with volunteer activities, and is my Girl Scout Troop Leader. She also works and helps my brother with his friends, school and soccer.

"My mommy rocks – I wrote her a poem:

Mom is nice,
Mom is sweet,
She helps make my life complete.

She showers me with kisses and hugs,
Teaches me things about math and bugs.

I try each day to laugh and play,
Learning things in our special way.

My mom is funny, kind and wise –
I love her the most when I see me in
Her eyes."

WOW! *sniffle, sniffle* ...No words of my own can possibly express how touched, amazed, and blessed I am feeling! I subscribe to the philsophy that we all are designed and placed on this Earth by God with a special purpose to fulfill in our personal gifts equipment me for the intimate purpose is to raise my children and prepare them to fulfill their own purposes. Kristen's heartfelt labor of love equally matches my labors of love for she and her brother. I pray our journey together is a long one, but my daughter has stated for the record that, "My Mommy Rocks..." and now for the moment I can say that I am on the path to "mission accomplished"!

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