Sunday, June 13, 2010

SMART Boards In Our Classrooms For Techie Kidz!

Our Savior Lutheran School in St. Petersburg FL installed amazing new interactive whiteboards into many of the classrooms this school year. We held special fundraising activities throughout the year to assist with funding for these amazing tools for our children. Everyone was very excited to add this resource to the classrooms, especially the kids!

My daughter will begin 6th grade this fall, and will have the good fortune of experiencing the SMART Board throughout the next three years in their middle school program. I asked the students at the end of the school year summer picnic about their reaction to the Boards this year. Each mentioned their wonderful interactive nature and how they felt like their were getting more out of the topics covered while using the Boards. One 7th grader noted that he was definitely more connected in the classroom, and that the SMART Board seemed liked a next step for all the kids since they are all so "wired" these days...I started to feel like a dinosaur!

All the teachers at Our Savior are totally "a buzz" about the Boards, too! Now all the faculty of this private, Christian school have asked to receive the new classroom resource to elevate their lessons to a new dimension.

SMART Technologies is the world's largest provider of interactive whiteboards - a "touch screen" board that functions like a blackboard does, but with the technical capabilities of a computer screen. Truly amazing and like nothing we've seen before!

The company has just launched the "SMART Love of Learning" campaign. It acknowledges and celebrates all of the teachers who have impacted individuals around the world. There is a great facebook page that has been developed for this campaign and an opportunity for contest winners to win a SMART Interactive White Board for their own child's school or the school of their choice!

You can check out their website - to learn more.

Some additional links to learn more and explore their YouTube and Facebook applications are:

The link for the Smart Love of learning website is:
The link for the Youtube videos is:
The link for the Facebook page is:

Be sure to enter to win a SMART Board for your school of choice...I entered today! My favorite teacher was Mrs. Edelman from 7th grade. She was absolutely fearsome, but the lessons she provided me in the classroom were invaluable to my communication skills EVERY DAY! TEACHERS TOTALLY RULE!

Happy Summer Vacation Everyone!

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