Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sweet Milano Moments....

This summer has been filled with special moments that made me stop to savor the sweetness of life...the special Independence Day Girly Weekend with Krissy at Innisbrook...ahh, the Indaba Spa was amazing! We shared such a meaningful and magical time together-Mommy/Daughter Time was never better!

Playing with our new dog Preston rescued from Pet Pal Rescue, especially fun taking him to new friends for intros or to Petco for a special grooming spa treatment! Love his Orange Creamsicle scent and collar charm!

Cuddling with hubs Ken during a nasty Florida Summer thunderstorm...he's still my White Knight after all these years!

What are some of your special summer sweet moments? Savor them with Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies!

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Looking forward to savoring special Fall moments together with Milano, too!

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