Friday, April 29, 2011

Pedigree Ambassador/New Food Transition

I've mentioned previously that our family adopted a wonderful Pekingese named Preston from the Pet Pal Animal Rescue in St Pete. He continues to be the light of our life! The entire family shares in the responsibilities and joys of pet ownership and care - which has actually been less burdensome that I had expected! We had actually avoided pet ownership for over 20 years - but we're all so thrilled to have little Pressy Prancy Pants join us in our adventures!

Pedigree and MomCentral Consulting have selected Preston and our family to serve as Pedigree Ambassadors to share some great opportunities and petcare information in the coming weeks. We received a supply of their new Pedigree Dog Food for Small Dogs to help Preston experience this great new and improved formula. They have provided us with some great tips to help our pet in his transition to the new food, which I share here:

When changing pet foods, you will want to slowly transition your dog to the new Pedigree food by inserting increasing amounts of Pedigree into his or her regular food. For days 1+2 insert 25% of the new food into the dog’s current dry dog food. For days 3+4, 50% new food should be in the dish. For days 5+6, 75% of the food will be the new Pedigree, and beyond 7 days the food will be 100% of the new Pedigree.

We've now completed the transition to 100% of the new Pedigree. Preston LOVES it - it's apparently very tastey and easy for his smaller mouth to chew...

Preston and the Fritz Family will be sharing more Pedigree facts and fun with you soon...

Please visit these links to, the @PedigreeUS Twitter handle, and Pedigree Adoption Drive Facebook page

I wrote this review while participating in an Ambassador campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Pedigree and received dog food to facilitate my reviews and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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