Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Place

Recently, I was tasked as a Nequik Breaker to put some fun in my day. It seems like a simple request, but it has had a major impact on my life! I see that I've grown complacent in my life and continue through the day on auto-pilot rather than being the more curious, adventurous, and fun person I was a few years ago....

We visited a local park for a late morning fun-break. My daughter and I enjoyed special time together laughing on the swings, playing on the playground equipment, and tossing a ball with some other children. It was a freeing experience that my daughter and I took great delight in. We relaxed without an agenda or time frame to control us. It was a joyous time - make some time yourself by kicking back and opening your mind to a fun activity yourself!


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wendy said...

Since returning to Florida I have been able to return to my favorite place - the beach at sunset. Although most know I love the beach at anytime the sunset is my favortie.

I love watching the kids splash in the waves (trying not to get wet,ha ha) and searching for the most beuatiful shell and that elusive shark tooth or whole sand dollar! I love chasing after Ky and catching her b/c she is laughing so hard and Mol always telling me the water is not cold, even though it is!

What makes this time more special is the beautiful painting that God creates each evening - it is always different and always majestic. we need these moments to reflect on our family and the blessing God has given to us as he displays his wonder before our eyes - just as the sun plops down in the gulf - we can't take that for granted!