Friday, June 27, 2008

Kit Kittredge: American Girl Movie Launch on July 1st

My daughter Kristen is 9 years old and an avid American Girl collector! She has personified what "word of mouth" marketing can accomplish. She received her first doll in Kindergarten and began sharing her love of the dolls and historical aspects of the collection. Friends and family became fascinated by her passion and began exploring the dolls, collectibles, and web site/magazine for themselves. Her bedroom is filled with all-things American Girl. Coconut the pup has been her friend for several years. Kristen has insisted on every birthday party to be themed with American Girl partyware and activities! Every girl in her third grade class has now obtained at least one AG doll. We recently held an American Girl spa party at our home with all the decorations, party ware, and doll/girl spa activities and crafts! Now that the Kit Kittredge movie release is upon us, Kristen has begun the planning for a Girl Scout troop activity for the girls to attend the movie with their dolls! Our family adores the AG concept of reaching for the stars and inside beauty. Their products are first rate and help us to instill important personal qualities in our sweet little girl as she becomes a lovely young lady.

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