Monday, September 15, 2008

What's Your Policy?

I've recently learned about a great site for family discussion hosted by Liberty Mutual called The Liberty Mutual Responsibility Project from Mom Central. The site provides some excellent resources for families to explore and evaluate about personal responsibility - an excellent character development trait that everyone needs to discover for themselves!

I visited the site with my daughter and son to promote some important dialogue. These days call for some concerted efforts to help our children grow into responsible adults - that is adults that will accept responsibility and not be inclined to avert that towards others.

The site offers videos to view with the family and discussion guides. Everyone learns about defining positions and helping our kids to learn to stand for their individual rights, values and responsibilities.

My daughter Kristen and I enjoyed the 5 minute, animated short film featured on the site, "Hot Seat," by Janet Perlman and Acme Filmworks. The film explores an imaginary war over an office chair that gave our family something to "chew on" and discuss. Great stuff!
Perlman states on the web site, "I hope people will recognize that this film is not so different from real life. Maybe they will wonder what they would do in a similar situation, or think about being considerate to their neighbors."

Janet Perlman, Creator of "Hot Seat"

I recommend visiting the site and learning more at:

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