Thursday, December 11, 2008

Visit Shopping Guide For Ideas and Prizes

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Times are tight, but we're gettin creative! I'm a member of, are you? Visit their site at and register. Check out their fun Gift Guide at
While you're exploring, be sure to enter the daily contests for prizes!!!

National survey finds 91% of Moms worrying about holiday shopping this year and
75% devoting more time and research to holiday purchases given the economic
recession. Mom Central’s First Annual Gift Guide provides just what they wished

This year, given a now official recession, Moms are devoting more time and research to their holiday purchases. According to a survey just completed by national mom marketing agency Mom Central Consulting, 75% of Moms research items or seek out recommendations from friends and family before buying, and 91% find holiday shopping more challenging this year. In fact, 79% of Moms expect to spend less money this holiday season than last, and 58% of Moms think holiday shopping requires more creativity this year, since they won’t buy as many big ticket items.

“Making a list and checking it twice” serves as the mantra of the Mom Central team as
they alleviate the burden on Moms to research gift ideas by introducing their First Annual
Holiday Gift guide. The staff at Mom Central has done the homework for Moms,
evaluating hundreds of products in the following categories: for him, for her, for
baby/toddler, for tweens, for teens, and even for pets. The Mom Central team assesses the quality, availability, the claims each advertises and, of course, if it will put a twinkle in the eye of the receiver.

Since Mom Central receives some of these products before anyone else, providing Moms
exclusive access to new and innovative gifts. Products include affordable gift ideas from Sony, Philips, Nautilus, Casio, Playskool, Baby Einstein, Netflix, Hasbro, Razor, A&E, and more.

Mom Central will also give away thousands of dollars worth of products in multiple daily drawings. Each provides the chance to win an entire gift package that includes gifts worth hundreds of dollars – a great way to combat financial stress this holiday season.
Log on to, register, and check out the gift guide starting December 1st.
For additional information on Mom Central's First Annual Holiday Gift
Guide, visit

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