Monday, March 1, 2010

My Friend Rainbow Brite Returns

I am tickled to learn and share with you that our friend, Rainbow Brite, from 1980's is returning! Hallmark is launching a fresh, updated Rainbow Brite for our daughters...and I'm so happy to share with my daughter the magical friendships and lessons! Perfect for the little girl(s) in your life!

Our Girl Scout Troop shared a DVD of the new show and it's fun and vibrant. The bright and imaginative stories and filled with important lessons for our children - honesty, hope, friendship and respect. The troop really enjoyed the preview and look forward to more! We're looking forward to experincing the world of Rainbow Brite online and playing/collecting the new doll collection.

Be sure to visit the site at www.

I received some DVD copies of the new Rainbow Brite from Mom Select and Hallmark to share with friends to assist me with this blog review.

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