Sunday, October 24, 2010

This Tiger Has Bite - Sink Your Teeth In!

I was thrilled to receive KT Turnstall's new CD release, Tiger Suit, from One2One Network for review. I LOVE her music including top selling singles "Black Horse and Cherry Tree" and "Suddenly See" from her first album. Tiger Suit does not disappoint...

The songs are a nice mix of styles and themes. I enjoying listening in the car during my morning commute or with a nice glass of wine in the evening after the kids are tucked in bed. My favorite tracks on Tiger Suit are "Glamour Puss" and "(Still A) Weirdo" - I guess they speak to the inner-Kim! LOL

There are songs with emotional intensity, quirky ballads, catchy choruses and every song has its own unique touch. It has a global reach by using a variety of instruments and arrangements. The "Uummannaq Song" is fun and engaging.

I definitely recommend downloading via Itunes or purchasing the CD at or other retailers nationwide!

I received a copy of "Tiger Suit" by K.T.Tunstall from One2One Network to facilitate my original review.

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