Friday, February 13, 2009

NSTeens and NetSmartz

Technology is so fast-paced and critical in today's society - my kids have far outpaced my interest and ability, and they're tweens and teens! I worry about their youthful trust being broken in the Cyber word - especially Cyberbullying....

I have sat them down online to check out NSTeens and NetSmartz, a leading online resource of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, for Internet use:

This great site offers something for everyone concerned about children's online experiences. Videos, comics, and interactive experiences provide kids with critical information. There's even a Spanish site! Parents, teens, children and educators can learn together about this extremely relevant topic.

Be sure to talk openly with your children including the following provided on the site:

Stuff to Know

  • Stay in control of your online reputation!
  • Don’t post information, photos, or videos you might regret later.
  • Think about your online image (Who will see this? What will they think?).
  • Use privacy settings to limit access to your page; don’t let anyone – not predators or cyberbullies - gain access to information that’s yours.
  • Remember that online choices have offline consequences and in some cases, legal implications.
  • Consider how fast information and images get forwarded to people beyond your group of friends via texting, IM, and e-mail – especially sexually explicit ones

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