Tuesday, June 16, 2009

EA Sports Active - Run and Get It NOW!!!

I was so thrilled to be selected to participate as an EA Sports Active for Wii ambassador! Ammo Marketing provided me with two copies of the game (one to keep and enjoy for our family and one to share with my workout buddy, Kristin O.!) Plus we received a fun water bottle, headband, House Party kit, and gift card for the party! I hosted a fun event for friends and family to try out EA Sports Active....

I've been at it for over a week and I'm all about "Active"! My entire family has created their profiles and we're enjoying earning our trophies, etc. I am truly feelin the burn after a full workout, especially the inline skating - WOW! I have some back and knee challenges, so using the EA Sports Active provides me with an amazing workout that is reasonably low-impact on my body. I can't ask for more - other than to kick my hubs off the TV so I can work out some more!!!

I'll post some updates as I proceed through my 30-day Challenge that began on June 1st!

Visit EA Sports Active at:

Here's some tips from Ammo Marketing/EA Sports:
Here are a few practical steps to help support your success during the 30-Day Challenge:
Write down your primary goal. Be specific: Whether you want to lose fat, tone muscle, or get active, give yourself one major objective for the 30-Day Challenge and put it on paper. Remember to be realistic and set yourself up for success. Trying to lose 30 pounds in 30 days isn’t safe or probable, so examine your goals and make sure they’re in line with what’s healthy.
Schedule your workout time. Plan the date, time, and place of each session in Outlook or your day planner. You'll be less likely to allow meetings or social events to interfere with your workouts. Be sure to block off a big enough chunk to account for any time needed to change your clothes, shower—the forgotten factors that doom workouts.
Share your story, goals, challenges and successes with others. This will help you stay accountable and gain support from your friends, family and community.
Enjoy your second week of the Challenge and don’t forget to stay Active!

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