Sunday, June 14, 2009

THROWDOWN: Double Daring Book for Girls

It's summer, and we're getting creative here at our house - we are thoroughly enjoying the latest and greatest by Andrea Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz, The Double-Daring Book for Girls. It's perfect for my daughter Kristen - and her friends...chock full of fun, no-holds-barred ideas and opportunities for girls to explore.

The book is ideal for a hot, summer day to learn about how to start a mother-daughter book club, create paper beads, play dominoes, or to run away and join the circus!!! We've already started planning out our summer evenings and weekends to include many of the amazing activities in this incredible book....

Here's our thrown down challenge to all our readers:

Let's all highlight our hair with Kool-Aid!! (yes, you are reading this correctly, my friend...pull out those 25 cent packages and get colorful!!!) Get colorful, silly and creative with your girl - it's a fun time sharing a wickedly outrageous beauty makeover without a big commitment. We can't wait to tell our friends, "Does she, or doesn't she? Only Mr. Kool-Aid knows for sure!"

What You Need -
Two packages of your favorite unsweetened Kool-Aid color (the longer and darker your hair, the more packets you'll need)
Aluminum Foil
Pipe Cleaner, paintburhs or new toothbrush for application
Shower cap or plastic wrap
Plastic gloves
Mixing bowl

Kool-aid highlights are a great solution for darker hair, which doesn't absorb the Kool-Aid color as dramatically as lighter shades. You'll be applying concentrated amounts of Kool-Aid color to dry strips of hair.
BEWARE: This project is messy and Kool-Aid will stain. Wear an old tee shirt to protect your clothes - have a buddy help you. Or best yet, do each other!

In a medium bowl, mix two packets of unsweetened Kool-Aid with several generous dollops of hair conditioner (about twice as much as you would normally use on your hair. Stir until forms a nice paste with no lumps. For more vibrant color, and to help the dye stick, you can add a teaspoon or two of vinegar.

Grab a small section of hair, and use the pipe cleaner, paintbrush or toothbrush to apply the paste from the root to the tip. Once you have the paste spread on evenly and generously, wrap that section of hair in tin foil and go on to the next section. Once you've done that to all the sections you want to color, use a hair dryer (on low) on foiled sections to bake in the color and dry the hair. Remove the foil when you're done.

You can use toothpaste to remove any staining to skin. Just take a dab of regular toothpaste (no special kind needed) and gently rub it on the stained skin. Rinse and repeat until the stain is gone.

Kristen and I are headed to the pantry to pick out our flavors...ugh, freak out our "do"...what color are you going to try?

Please comment on my blog to tell us about your Doubling Daring Girly experiences...we can't wait to hear from you! We'll post photos next weekend to share with everyone!

Special thanks to MotherTalk for providing us with a sample copy of the book to enjoy and share with our readers....check out the book at or your local library and book store for lots of great ideas and adventures to share with your special gal!

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