Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baby Einstein Premiere Party - Discover Our World Together

Wow, I was in for a treat when I was recently able to host a fun, interactive celebration featuring the new Disney's Baby Einstein World Music DVD and CD for some of my favorite little friends! Special thanks to my friends at to providing us with the DVD, CD, and Baby Einstein-themed party goods to share for our event.

The music was lots of fun for little ones ages birth and up for the CD and recommended from 3 months and up for the DVD. The DVD is great to enjoy with your child and friends. The music truly is a global perspective, "...a concert for little ears!" and even includes the lyrics to sing a long. I loved that several of the songs are in the native languages - fascinating for little ones to gain exposure to new sounds and experiences...

World Music is a great introduction to those sweet, little ears to amazing songs and music from around the world. What a treat for the senses! Our group of little folks completely enjoyed it from start to finish - it certainly was a fresh, new perspective to watching the DVD in a group setting, but it held everyone's interest for the full 37 minutes of the show as we explored new cultures together.

My daughter Kristen (age 10) was excited to check it out and we had some fun "shakin our groove thing" to the beat!

I encourage you to share this with your family soon - it's readily available at all retail outlets (B&M and online).

Disney Baby Einstein World Music CD Playlist:
1. Baby Einstein World Music Overtune
2. African Savnna Morning
3. Eagle Song (Hopi Tribe)/Billy Boy -North American Medley
4. Piruliot (lollipop) - Brazil
5. Londonberry Air/Garry Owen Jig (traditional) - A Celtic Medley
6. I am Happy - Africa
7. Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower) - China
8. Pilsen Polka (melody from Remembrances of Pilsen Polka, Smetana)
9. Aradiban Dance (meldoy from Peer Gynt, Grieg)
10. Bonnie
11. Trepak, Tchaikovsky - Russian Dance
12. Rainstick Joey - Australia
13. Anila Ghungroo - India
14. Golden Trompong - Indonesia
15. Bard, the Piper - Trinidad
16. Rainforest Dance
17. Shoo Fly - US
18. Arroz con Leche (vocal in Spanish) - Puerto Rico
19. Alouette (vocal in French) - France
20. Kogame, Kogame (vocal in Japanese) - Japan
21. This World, Our Wolrd
22. Ho Watanay - An Iroquoi Lullaby

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