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National Celebration of Motherhood Set for May 7, 2009

(St Petersburg FL/Simon Mall-Tyrone Square)–– Look out America, mom’s taking the night off! The first National Mom’s Nite Out is scheduled for May 7th, 2009 and includes special events, virtual communal celebrations and the common goal of celebrating motherhood. More than 200 mom bloggers, 50 mom websites, and a dozen companies have committed to giving Moms a well-deserved night off.

National Mom’s Nite Out is being orchestrated by Maria Bailey, Host of Mom Talk Radio and author of “The Ultimate Mom Book” as well as top Mom Websites,,,,, and,

Our goal in hosting National Mom's Nite Out is to unite Moms all over the country prior to Mother’s Day,” says Maria Bailey, Author of “The Ultimate Mom Book” (HCI, 2009) and Host of Mom Talk Radio. “Most moms spend Mother’s Day taking care of the other mothers in their lives so we hope to give moms a well deserved night off right before Mother's Day."

The evening will consist of over 400 local events held across the country, as well mom-organized parties and virtual activities. Retailers such as Simon Malls, Children’s Orchard stores, and Giggle will be hosting special Mom’s Nite Out celebrations, complete with refreshments, entertainment and special offers. Family destinations Pump it Up and BounceU are even offering discounts to dad and caregivers in selected areas who want entertain the kids while Mom is enjoying her evening. Food and beverages at many of these events are being provided by corporate sponsors, such as Jose Cuervo.

Top mom bloggers and highly respected mom experts are also getting in on the fun by hosting their own events. Hundreds of mom-organized parties and gathering will be taking place that evening, including a Boston-area comedy show hosted by popular mom podcasters, Manic Mommies, a New York City “Daycation” themed party at Giggle and book signing party in Los Angeles with Mom authors and experts such as Kimberley Clayton Blaine, Romi Lassally, Megan Calhoun, Michelle Lamar, and Mallika Chopra.

I've been invited to participate in the Simon Mall/Tyrone Square St Petersburg event! Come see me - we're gonna have a blast!

If Moms can’t attend an event at a physical location, they can still take part in the festivities. To allow moms everywhere to participate, mothers will be invited to throw their own Mom’s Nite Out event by downloading party ideas and elements from the National Mom’s Nite Out website, On the evening of the event, thousands of moms will be socializing virtually through online chats, Skype and Twitter tweet-ups.

· What: National Mom's Nite Out is shaping up to be the largest cooperative effort of Mommy groups, Mom-focused organizations, bloggers and vloggers- all coming together for one great night in support of motherhood.

· When: Thursday, May 7, 2009 (Thursday before Mother’s Day)

· Where: Online, On Twitter, In Social Network Sites, In-home and in Sponsoring Retail Locations

· Official Song: Mothers Day Today, available on iTunes and the National Mom’s Nite Out site
Performed by: Jill Gioia
Written & Produced by: Jim Papoulis Conceived by: Alignment Enterprises
In Partnership with: MAMAPALOOZA: Mom-Branded Entertainment

· Official Drink: Mamatini, Momopolitan and Mamajitos

· Official Food: Chocolate

For event locations and a complete list of partners, visit

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