Monday, April 27, 2009

Something New From Ragu~Feed Our Kids Well!

Dinner time can be challenging since I work full-time - creativity can sometimes elude me after many years of the nightly, "Mom....what's for dinner?" yelled across the house the minute I walk in the front door!

A favorite "go to" in my dinner kit toolbox includes Ragu Old World Style Pasta Sauces. Ragu values family time, and the importance of family meal time together. We're a perfect fit! I toss in a home made touch now and then and serve over our favorite pastas with a fresh, green salad and toasted breads for a quick and nutritious meal without a lot of fuss. Our entire family loves it.

Now Ragu has introduced two new flavors of Old World Style sauce - Sweet Tomato Basil and Margherita! provided me with the opportunity for us to sample these recently. They are readily available at the local grocery stores - great value pricing, especially with a coupon!

Both sauces contain more than a full serving of veggies in every 1/2 cup of sauce and carry the "EAT SMART" logo on the label. The Sweet Tomato Basil tastes like my homemade sauce - smooth with lots of great flavor...sweet but savory, and mellow. The Margherita is a delicious blend of tomatoes, pizza seasonings, and mozzarella cheese - great for homemade pizza-style meals or snacks and this makes the perfect dipping sauce!

Ragu is a part of Unilever brands - don't forget to gather your receipts and submit for the rebate program I posted earlier this month!

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